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Concept Air

Bowery Savings Bank Building, New York City


110 East 42nd Street, also known as the Bowery Savings Bank Building, is an 18-story office building in Midtown Manhattan. The facade and banking hall interior were declared a New York City Landmark in 1996. 


Space Constraints

The challenge here was primarily due to the space constraints of the freight elevator and rigging path.  It was also important to minimize existing ductwork modifications due to the limited mechanical room space and discharge location.

Equipment Being Replaced:

Large SWSI toilet exhaust fan. 


Compact Exhaust Fan

Concept Air reached out to Mainstream to provide a fan array that could meet the technical requirements while still being modular and compact.

We designed a stacked array with custom openings to line up with the existing ductwork and included the removable base rail to allow for the array to be easily transported in the small freight elevator.  

Mainstream provided this government building with:

Easy Installation

Efficient Equipment

Quiet Operation

“Mainstream had already completed a fan system for the North Side toilet exhaust fan about two years ago. After seeing how much quieter and more efficient their fan system was, we were called to do the South Side toilet exhaust fan too. Everyone is very happy with both fans.”

Kevin JuliaProjects Coordinator, Concept Air