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The NYC Department of Sanitation

New York

The NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) promotes a healthy environment through efficient management of the city’s solid waste and New Yorkers’ recycling and garbage.

The DSNY is the world’s largest sanitation department, collecting more than 12,000 tons of garbage and recyclables every day.



The DSNY approached Mainstream to test the efficiency of IntelliCUBE EC fans compared to their old belt-driven, AC motor-powered AHU fans.

Technology Implemented

The DSNY selected two fans to install the EC fan assemblies. One in the DSNY’s sheet metal shop, and the other in the steam shop.

One month before removing the old belt-driven fans, Mainstream and the demonstration installation partner installed BAPI airflow sensors and WattNode Pulse power meters on the two AHUs. They also installed a wireless router and internet modem.

The sensors transmitted interval data every 15 minutes to the data management software platform Chronicle from Innotech Network. This createf a baseline of electricity consumption and airflow through the pre-retrofit AHUs.


After installing the EC fans, Mainstream continued to monitor power consumption and airflow. They found that the flow rate remained steady across the belt-driven and EC fans, while the EC fans required significantly less electricity.

Based on the pre and post-installation data, Mainstream estimated annual savings. For the sheet metal shop fan, this meant savings of 11,334 kW, a 38.6% reduction. For the team shop fan, savings of 5,508 kW, a 33.3% reduction.

Mainstream’s EC fans provide steady airflow using less electricity and operate quieter than traditional belt-driven fans. The sealed bearings and direct drive eliminate the need for belt replacement and periodic greasing. This significantly reduces the associated maintenance costs.

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