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Englewood Hospital

Englewood, NJ

When an existing unit had surpassed its life expectancy, but replacement could not be easily accomplished due to the fact that constant service was required, Englewood Hospital turned to Mainstream for a solution.

An MLRa series unit was supplied in easy-to-assemble modules, along with a custom-fabricated stand to facilitate installation. Intake and discharge openings were also laid out to exactly match the existing conditions, greatly simplifying the installation.

The unit was assembled in the mechanical room prior to being put in to place in order to reduce downtime. Once this had been done, the unit was installed in less than a 10-hour time frame.

I have found Mainstream equipment built to a very high standard to deal with our demanding applications, while being competitive in pricing. Their sales and engineering staff have been responsive and helpful in making equipment selections and offering solutions to difficult projects.

Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoriesAssistant Director of Facilities

Got it on time! Build with obvious quality! Shipped in perfect condition! We’re not used to this but we could get to liking it!

Bailey Refrigeration and Air ConditioningPresident

I can’t imagine a world where every vendor got their stuff back as fast as you do. Thanks a bunch.

Debra-KuempelProject Manager