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North Shore University Hospital

Long Island, NY



A study by a third-party engineering firm found that a 20,000 CFM air handling unit serving critical areas of the facility was underperforming.

Replacing the unit was the recommended course of action, but it would be a challenging task. The entire unit would need to be fit through a 34″ door, and there was limited space within the mechanical room for assembly.

Additionally, the capacity of the unit needed to be increased by 25% to account for future expansion.


The Mainstream team designed and engineered a replacement AHU in sections small enough to fit through the access door.

By utilizing the IntelliCUBE EC fan array system, we were able to keep the supply fan section short enough while simultaneously increasing the capacity to supply 25,000 CFM at high pressure through extensive ductwork.

The new unit included pre-filters, steam coils, cooling coils with UV lights, a humidifier, an EC fan array with backdraft dampers, HEPA filters, and included features such as LED lights in the access sections, and a painted exterior.

Thanks to its design, the unit was installed without a hitch.

Mainstream provided this hospital with:

Energy Savings

Increased Capacity

Efficient Solutions Without Disturbance