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Property Management Company of Highrise Building

Prudential Tower 


Aged Exhaust Fan

Noise and vibration from the 60-year-old exhaust fan at Prudential Tower kept drawing complaints from retail clients. The fan bearings were badly worn but difficult to replace due to location. Carbon Monoxide alarms would go off in some weather conditions as the fan was barely effective. 


Equipment Being Replaced:

An underground loading dock exhaust fan.


Custom EC Fan Array

Mainstream delivered a customized EC fan array using large 560mm impellers running at a lower speed – keeping the dBa rating low enough you couldn’t hear it from 30 feet away.

A custom access door for fan inspection was located on the lower side for easy inspection and maintenance. The entire fan system can now be monitored over BACnet.

Mainstream provided this government building with:

Easy Inspection

Simplified Maintenance

Quiet Operation

“The existing fan was temporarily repaired a few times but noisy and kept breaking down. It was time for a reliable upgrade. Mainstream made it easy.”

Chief EngineerPrudential Tower