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Large Commercial Real Estate Facility

Neptune, New Jersey


Inefficient Fans

The existing fans were energy inefficient, and when one of the fans failed, a significant loss of airflow occurred. This facility was desperately in need of new, efficient fans.

Equipment Being Replaced:

Two penthouse air handling units each containing three 60 horsepower belt-driven plenum fans running a constant volume.


New Efficient Fans

The building owner hired a contractor to propose options for repair or replacement. The contractor quickly identified Mainstream fan arrays as the best option for upgrading the existing fans. Mainstream provided sixteen 7.5 horsepower ECM fans for each air handling unit. The cube design facilitated installation, which was completed over the course of a weekend, and with the dramatic improvement in efficiency, the Mainstream fan array paid for itself in less than two years.

Mainstream provided this facility building with:

Energy Savings

Fast Solutions

Efficient Fans

“Replacing these fans with an EC fan array made a lot sense from the perspective of adding redundancy and reducing maintenance costs. But when we factored in the energy savings, it really made the decision a no-brainer for the building owners.”

Sheldon MarkhamIntelliCUBE Sales Lead