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CDP Fans

Dive into the advanced world of fan design where innovation drives the future of commercial and industrial air systems. Mainstream Fluid & Air proudly presents our CDP Fans, tailored to address the specific needs of modern-day commercial and industrial settings. These fans are powered by either dependable AC motors or advanced PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. Our aim is direct: enhance efficiency, cut down energy costs, and reduce noise, while ensuring our CDP Fans offer consistent high-quality performance.

Mainstream recognizes the critical role fans play in every air handling system. The integration of PMEC motors in our CDP Fans reinforces our commitment to this ideal. As you explore our CDP Fans, you’ll find they stand as the cornerstone of the IntelliCUBE fan line. With Mainstream’s cutting-edge motor technology and deep understanding of airflow, we’re setting new standards for commercial and industrial air solutions. See why our CDP Fans are the top choice for professionals seeking efficient and reliable air system solutions.


The Cube Direct Drive Plenum Fan design offers powder-coated, welded steel frames for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. The cube design is made to be stacked in arrays of any size and arrangement.

  • Up to 15,000 CFM per fan
  • Static pressure up to 13.5 inches w.g.
  • Motor size: 25 HP

The Future of Commercial and Industrial Fans

In commercial and industrial air systems, the efficiency and success hinge largely on one central component—the fan. Mainstream Fluid & Air offers a robust selection of CDP Fans, meticulously designed to ensure peak performance, efficiency, and durability across both commercial and industrial applications.

Our CDP Fans are equipped with the newest motor technologies. Customers can opt between the reliable AC motors or our innovative PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. These PMEC motors are setting new benchmarks in motor technology, proving beneficial in diverse commercial and industrial scenarios. When paired with our CDP Fans, the PMEC motors create a system marked by high efficiency, reduced noise, and longevity. A key advantage of PMEC motors is their consistent performance with minimized energy consumption—essential for current commercial and industrial systems where energy efficiency is a mandate, not just a benefit. Marry the PMEC motors’ energy savings with the efficient design of our BDP Fans, and the outcome is an eco-friendly solution that’s also budget-friendly over time.

Mainstream recognizes the swift technological shifts occurring in the commercial and industrial domains, largely propelled by motor technology innovations. Our CDP Fans, energized by PMEC motors, epitomize our commitment to leading these advancements. We present products that cater to present demands while prepping for future challenges and prospects.

For those seeking traditional solutions, our AC motor-driven CDP Fans remain a solid choice, catering to diverse requirements in commercial and industrial arenas. These fans represent a proven and dependable alternative that aligns well with our PMEC-powered offerings.

Consistently at the forefront of technological progress, Mainstream Fluid & Air champions modern solutions. Be it with tried-and-true AC motors or the transformative PMEC motors, our CDP Fans illustrate the pinnacle of innovation and reliability in commercial and industrial fields. Through our CDP Fans, Mainstream isn’t merely circulating air—we’re steering both sectors towards a future defined by enhanced efficiency, reduced energy costs, and unmatched performance.

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