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Dive into the forefront of fan technology where innovation propels the next wave of commercial and industrial air systems. Mainstream Fluid & Air is pleased to present our UDPT Fans, tailored to satisfy the diverse requirements of modern commercial and industrial environments. These fans utilize either the reliable AC motors or the groundbreaking PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. Our mission is straightforward: to boost efficiency, decrease energy consumption, and reduce noise levels, all while guaranteeing that our UDPT Fans maintain steady, high-caliber performance.

At Mainstream, we recognize that fans, integral to every air handling system, must evolve to match the dynamic needs of our environment and its users. Embedding PMEC motors into our UDPT Fans demonstrates this dedication. Browsing through our UDPT Fans offerings, you’ll observe Mainstream’s leading-edge motor tech coupled with a profound grasp of airflow, carving a path for the future of commercial and industrial air solutions. Learn about the attributes and advantages that position our UDPT Fans as the top pick for professionals seeking efficient, dependable, and innovative air system solutions.


The Universal Direct Drive Plenum Fan is made using solid galvanized steel tubing with bolted construction.

  • Up to 9,000 CFM per fan
  • Static pressure up to 12 inches w.g.
  • Max Motor size: 7.5 HP

The Future of Fans is Now

In the world of commercial and industrial air systems, the success often hinges on one key component: the fan. That’s why Mainstream Fluid & Air brings you our UDPT Fans, designed for top performance, great efficiency, and reliability you can trust. These fans are not just for commercial setups; they’re also perfect for a range of industrial uses.

Our UDPT Fans come with the newest motor tech on board. You can choose between our classic AC motors or the innovative PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. These PMEC motors are shaping the future of motor technology, making waves not only in commercial spaces but also in various industrial sectors. When these motors work alongside our UDPT Fans, you get a system that’s efficient, quiet, and built to last. One big advantage of PMEC motors? They perform well while keeping energy costs down. In today’s HVAC and industrial world, saving energy isn’t just a bonus—it’s a must-have. So, when you pair the energy-saving features of PMEC motors with the design of our UDPT Fans, you get a system that’s good for the planet and your wallet.

At Mainstream, we know how fast tech is changing in the HVAC and industrial industries, especially when it comes to motor technology. Our UDPT Fans, backed by PMEC motors, show our commitment to staying ahead. We’re all about offering products that serve today’s needs and are ready for what comes next.

For those who prefer tried-and-true solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our AC motor-powered UDPT Fans are another solid option, suitable for various needs across commercial and industrial projects.  

Mainstream Fluid & Air is all about embracing the latest and greatest tech out there. Whether you’re looking at fans powered by AC motors or the newer PMEC motors, our UDPT Fans are proof of what happens when smart design meets top-notch tech. With these fans, Mainstream isn’t just moving air around; we’re leading the way towards a future with better efficiency, less energy waste, and top performance.

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