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Axial Fans

Discover a world where innovation meets practicality. Mainstream Fluid & Air brings you a line of Axial Fans engineered not just for commercial applications, but also for a variety of industrial applications. Whether you’re looking for traditional AC motors or our advanced PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors, our fans offer a solution tailored to fit diverse operational needs.

At Mainstream, we’re committed to more than just commercial air systems. We aim to fulfill the evolving demands of various industrial sectors as well. Our Axial Fans, integrated with PMEC motors, signify this broad-reaching focus. As you explore our Axial Fans offerings, you’ll uncover how Mainstream’s progressive motor technology and keen understanding of airflow dynamics extend beyond commercial applications, establishing new benchmarks in industrial performance.

Learn about the versatile features and advantages that make our Axial Fans the optimal choice for both commercial and industrial applications. With Mainstream, you’re choosing efficiency, reliability, and adaptability for the future.

CDA Axial Fan

The Cube Direct Drive Axial Fan features powder-coated, welded steel frames for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. The cube design is made to be stacked in arrays of any size and arrangement.

  • Up to 25,000 CFM per fan
  • Static pressure up to 2 inches w.g.
  • Max motor size: 15 HP

UDA Axial Fan

The Universal Direct Drive Axial Fan features powder-coated, welded steel frames for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications.  

  • Up to 15,000 CFM per fan
  • Static pressure up to 2 inches w.g.
  • Max motor size: 20 HP

The Future of Axial Fan Technology is Now

In the field of HVAC and industrial systems, the effectiveness of any setup hinges largely on the fan unit—the component that moves air efficiently. At Mainstream Fluid & Air, our array of Axial Fans is designed to exceed expectations in both performance and reliability. These fans come equipped with either tried-and-true AC motors or advanced PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. The latter represents a leap forward in motor technology, setting new standards for the HVAC and industrial sectors alike.

Our Axial Fans, when integrated with PMEC motors, demonstrate the next stage in HVAC and industrial technology evolution. PMEC motors offer a unique combination of efficiency and quiet operation, contributing to better indoor air quality and comfort, whether in an office building or a factory. Their inherent energy-saving characteristics, coupled with our Axial Fans’ aerodynamic design, result in significant energy cost reductions, making our solutions both eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

Mainstream recognizes that the HVAC and industrial sectors are on the cusp of a technological revolution. Our Axial Fans, powered by PMEC motors, underscore our commitment to staying at the forefront of this innovation. These products are designed to meet not only the demands of today but are also engineered to be future-ready.

For those who prefer more traditional solutions, our Axial Fans with AC motors offer a robust and reliable option. These AC motor-driven Axial Fans have stood the test of time and remain a dependable choice for a wide variety of HVAC and industrial applications.

Mainstream Fluid & Air is committed to pushing technological boundaries. Whether equipped with AC motors or groundbreaking PMEC motors, our Axial Fans serve as prime examples of what can be achieved when innovation meets reliability. Through our range of Axial Fans, we aim to propel the industry—be it HVAC or broader industrial applications—into a future marked by higher efficiency, reduced energy usage, and exceptional performance.

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