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When you first get your coils replaced, many people often focus on their performance. However, your new coils are new and clean and will operate at 100% efficiency. What you should be worrying about with replacement coils is that the coil fits correctly.

While it would be nice for coils to last forever, you will reach a point where coil replacement is the only option. Here’s a deeper explanation of why you should opt for a replacement rather than just powering it out – you’ll thank us later!

Coils Acting as Filters

Over time, coils start to act as filters. Their design is made for the collection of dirt and other air particles. The staggered tubes and rippled fins allow dirt to get trapped and unable to pass through. The process of cleaning coils is complicated, and deeper coils are even more challenging to clean. This means that your coils operate anywhere from 50-70% of their maximum efficiency.

Loosened Fins

Fins are the unsung heroes of coils. They do about 70% of the work in a coil, while the tubes are responsible for about 30%. When first manufactured, the tubes are expanded into the fin collars. Over time, wear and tear cause the fins to loosen. The weakened fins lose efficiency, and performance drops.

Compensating for Weak Performance

After experiencing a drop in coil performance, many will try to compensate by driving up the speed to get more CFM across the coil. Doing so wastes a lot of energy and will drive up your cost. When it comes to performance, it’s better to start over with brand new coils – you’ll actually be saving yourself money.

Say Goodbye to Weak Coils!

Your main goal when replacing coils is to do it with as little trouble (and cost) as possible. Replacing coils will save you a lot of stress in the long run, and it is generally a smooth sailing process. After suffering through failing coils, you’ll truly appreciate ones running at optimal performance and efficiency.
Have more questions about the coil replacement process? Our reps are available to guide you through it!