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Fan technology is rapidly improving.

Are your fans are as efficient as they could be, or is fan failure a concern?

With our IntelliCUBE fan system, we are making industry-leading technology available to those responsible for keeping clients comfortable.

Not only high-tech, the IntelliCUBE system simplifies the process of upgrading fans.



Failure is not an option when the fans are serving vital operating rooms. In this case we engineered the array to include N+1 redundancy and high-performance backdraft dampers.

Why upgrade to an EC fan array

Ease of Install
IntelliCUBE fans come pre-mounted in stackable cubes, and pre-wired with whips that plug directly into the included control panel. With this setup, our customers are able to dramatically reduce install times.

Replacing a singe fan with an array means the loss of a single fan will no longer be critical. Our team can include N+1 redundancy, meaning 100% airflow can still be achieved with the loss of one fan.

Most EC fans meet the requirement for efficiency class IEF, the equivalent of NEMA Ultra Premium Efficiency. Unlimited turndown helps cut costs when demand is low, and no VFD means further savings.

Space is always at a premium, particularly in retrofit or replacement applications. EC fans enable us to reduce the depth of fan sections, which increases our flexibility, and enables us to match tight footprints.

Zero Maintenance
That’s right. By switching to IntelliCUBE, our customers eliminate the belts, shafts, grease, bearing and VFDs that traditionally need to be replaced and maintained. Maintenance consists of making sure the fans are spinning.

Variable Speed
EC fans are inherently variable speed, meaning a VFD is no longer necessary. Just turn up the dial on the included control panel, or send a 0-10V signal (these fans are compatible with BACnet, Modbus, etc).

In the unlikely event of a failure…
Mainstream keeps replacement fans in stock, ready to be delivered in hours. Replacing a fan is as simple as removing 4 – 8 bolts. Industry-leading parts and labor warranty.

Fan Trouble?

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Ships as a kit.

Includes EC fans, pre-mounted in cubes, and a matching control panel. The fans are pre-wired with plug-n-play technology, eliminating any wiring inside the AHU.

Includes the necessary hardware for assembly, plus optional safing.

Are you replacing belts, stocking motors, replacing shafts?

Cut costs by replacing the fan.

Engineered to meet your needs

Our team of experienced engineers is ready to assist you in designing a replacement system that will meet whatever requirements you may have. Whether it be tight access, high or low voltage, an specific communication protocol, or demanding performance, we’ve seen it all.

Mainstream has using EC fans for over a decade, first including them in our custom air handling units, and more recently focusing on retrofit. The benefits to working with EC fans are significant, and we look forward to working with you to add them to your system.

Ease of transportation and installation

Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE design makes installing a fan array in any AHU extremely simple. The lightweight and compact profile of the fans means they can be easily transported through small openings or passageways; they are light enough that they can be picked up and moved with relative ease.

The cubes are designed to be easily be stacked and bolted together in place, and the cube size is easily customizable, if there is a specific doorway or hatch opening that it needs to fit through.

Ease of Control

IntelliCUBE fan arrays typically include the user-friendly touchscreen controller, and the array can controlled manually from the unit, or wired into the BMS system. Compatibility with various communication protocols including BACnet is available.

An integrated inverter in each motor eliminates the need for expensive, inefficient VFDs, and greatly simplifies the control and communication wiring.

Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE design includes plug-in wiring to further reduce the time and effort needed to get the fans started up.

Quiet Operation

German engineering has resulted in an inherently quiet design, great for sound-sensitive environments. Additionally, our engineers can select the fans with enough capacity to run at lower speeds, reducing noise further, to meet whatever requirements may exist.

The fact that these fans are variable speed means they can always be turned down (either manually or through the BMS) if noise is an issue.

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