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An energy-efficient fan system that ensures continuous airflow for critical applications.



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IntelliCUBE Fan Arrays are highly energy-efficient modular fan systems mounted in stackable cubes. With built-in N+1 redundancy, installing IntelliCUBE fans in your air handlers ensures uninterrupted airflow for critical applications.

Ideal for retrofit applications, and when access is difficult, these fan systems are maintenance-free and highly energy-efficient, providing significant enough energy savings to pay for themselves in just a few years. 

The array ships factory-tested with a power distribution panel for single-point power and control. PMEC motor technology is available for these systems.

Fast and Simple Install

IntelliCUBE fans come pre-mounted in stackable cubes, and pre-wired with whips that plug directly into the included control panel.

Built-In Redundancy

Our team can include N+1 redundancy, meaning 100% airflow can still be achieved with the loss of one fan.

Zero Maintenance

With IntelliCUBE, there are no belts, pulleys, or bearings to lubricate. Maintenance consists of making sure the fans are spinning.

Highly Efficient

Unlimited turndown helps cut costs when demand is low, and state-of-the-art VFDs contribute to further savings.

Quiet Operation

Expert engineering has resulted in an inherently quiet design, great for sound-sensitive environments.

Short Lead Times

The standard is 10 weeks or less, but we have delivered in under two weeks on expedited jobs.

Expedited delivery
in as few as
2 weeks.

Quotes with
submittal information
in 24 hours.

PMEC Motor and impeller
sizes for every application.
Perfect for retrofits.

control panel

No belts,
pulleys, or bearings
to maintain.

Payback your investment
fast by saving BIG
on energy costs.

Industry leading
parts and labor

customer service
and technical support.

Modular, plug-and-play
design built for easy
installation in tight spaces.

Types of IntelliCUBE Fan Arrays:


Great for:
  • Smaller applications (1 – 3 fans)
  • Where access is extremely limited

IntelliCUBE DW

Great for:
  • Applications where open plenum fans will not work
  • Applications where keeping the fan section under negative pressure is important

See IntelliCUBE in Action

A fan at a New Jersey mall failed, leading to an unacceptable low of airflow. Mainstream designed and supplied a thirty-fan array, providing significant energy savings.

Thanks to Mainstream, this mall now has a reduced risk of fan failure in the future.

Looking for a replacement fan for a Rosenberg GMBH fan grid, a ZA ECblue motor, or ebm-pabst fans?

With our IntelliCUBE fan system, we are making industry-leading technology available to those responsible for keeping clients comfortable.

What They’re Saying


“Mainstream equipment is built to a very high standard while being competitive in pricing. Staff have been responsive and helpful in making equipment selections and offering solutions to difficult projects.”

Assistant Director of FacilitiesCold Spring Harbor Laboratories


“If you utilize them, you won’t be disappointed, great communication, good customer service, very good product.”

HVAC Systems SupervisorLackland Air Force Base


“It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced service like the entire Mainstream team provided on this order.”

General ManagerTrotter and Morton


“Got it on time! Build with obvious quality! Shipped in perfect condition! We’re not used to this but we could get to liking it!”

Bailey Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an IntelliCUBE fan array?

The IntelliCUBE system includes EC fans, mounted in cubes, with pre-wired whips, and a control panel for single-point power and control. A number of options are available, including backdraft dampers and advanced controls.

Doesn't the signal lose power as it passes from fan to fan in the loop?

No, the signal doesn’t lose power, because the fans are simply reading the 0-10 volt signal, not using it up.

What is the maximum static pressure you can achieve with an IntelliCUBE fan array?

An IntelliCUBE fan array can be designed to achieve over 11″ of static pressure, which is more than enough for the vast majority of HVAC applications.

What configurations are offered?

The IntelliCUBE system is offered in a variety of different configurations depending on your specific needs. Cube arrays, bulkheads, AHU sections and other configurations such as DWDI units are available.

If the fans are daisy-chained, don't you lose the whole wall if one of the fans in the series dies?

No, the signal touches each fan, however, the signal does not run through the fan, so you can lose a fan without affecting the others.

What experience does Mainstream have working with EC fan and HVAC systems?

Mainstream has been working with EC fans, both in our AHUs and retrofitting existing AHUs, for over a decade. Our experience with air-handling equipment extends back to 1992.

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