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Frequently Asked Coil Questions

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Coil FAQs


Does Mainstream offer “A” coils and residential HVAC equipment?

Mainstream specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC equipment (custom made to order) and does not serve the residential market. If you are looking for “A” coils or other residential equipment (anything under 7.5 tons), we recommend reaching out to your local supply house for an off-the-shelf solution.


Do you offer onsite services?

Yes, Mainstream is happy to measure your coil to guarantee the provided replacement is an exact fit.

Do you match coils by model number?

Yes, Mainstream can look up any model number to ensure the replacement coil we provide is a perfect match.

Do you offer split coils?

Yes, Mainstream can provide coils split several different ways. Mainstream can provide bolt-together coils with a tubesheet and a gasket, or pipe-together coils with headers and connections in the middle.
Alternatively, coils can be split and piped out either end of the unit, or the back coil can be piped out the center top of the unit.

Do you offer non-freeze steam coils?

Yes, Mainstream offers industry-leading non-freeze coils designed to minimize maintenance and maximize coil life expectancy.

Do you guarantee fit?

Mainstream guarantees exact-match fit on all coils measured by the Mainstream team. For coils not measured by the Mainstream team, Mainstream guarantees the coil will exactly match the approved drawing.

What are the largest coils Mainstream manufacturers?

Mainstream can provide coils as tall as 192”, as long as 410”, and as deep as 24 rows.

What coils does Mainstream not manufacture?

Mainstream does not manufacture coils for residential units, or for service other than HVAC or refrigeration.


How long does it take to get a quote?

After a quote request is received, you will be contacted to discuss the details of your request. Mainstream will return a quote within one business day, and in as fast as ½ hour in an emergency.

How soon can I get a coil delivered to me?

Thanks to a robust supply chain, Mainstream’s lead times remain competitive despite disruptions to supply chains throughout the industry. Mainstream is capable of delivering replacement coils in as fast as 24 hours of order placement.

Do you offer installation services?

Mainstream does not perform coil removal or installation services, but is well connected within the HVAC industry and would be happy to connect you with one of our many Mechanical Contractor partners. These partners include…


Do you have a coil warranty?

All Mainstream coils are covered under a 1-year warranty.

What kind of maintenance do Mainstream coils require?

Whether you have a freeze-proof coil or not, Mainstream recommends draining to prevent internal ice formation. Regular inspection is recommended to ensure proper operation.

How long do Mainstream coils last?

The length of time a coil can be in service can be impacted by factors including operating conditions and maintenance.


What are your coils typically manufactured out of?

Coils are most commonly made of copper tubing and aluminum fins, but different materials and coatings are available for specialized applications.

Do you offer specialized coatings for extreme environments?

Although typically not required. Mainstream offers coatings for enhanced corrosion resistance for the toughest environments.


Where are coils manufactured?

All Mainstream coils are USA-made.


Are Mainstream coils AHRI certified?

Yes, Mainstream coils are AHRI certified.


What experience does Mainstream have working with coils and HVAC systems?

Mainstream has been working with coils and air-handling equipment since 1992. February 2022 marks 30 years in business.

What information do you need to quote a coil?

Coils can be quoted from a model number. Alternatively, a Mainstream representative can measure your coil. Try our easy-to-use Coil Quote Form or download Mainstream’s Replacement Coil Worksheet.