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There’s nothing worse than turning on your DX systems just to discover that your condenser coils aren’t working. Unfortunately, failing condenser coils are no simple fix. If you need a coil replacement, our experts at Mainstream will guide you through the process.

Before you replace your coil, it’s helpful to identify why it failed in the first place. Here are the most common three reasons your condenser coils are failing.


1. Corrosion

One of the most common causes of condenser coil failure is corrosion. Substances like salt in the air will ruin aluminum fins as quickly as 1-2 years. If you find that your coil is failing due to corrosion, it also means it was misdesigned to begin with.

One solution to corroded coils is to switch to copper fins and stainless steel casings. These materials will extend the life of your coil, but they do come at a higher cost. Another way to combat this problem is to add a coating.

2. Coil Plugging

Another common cause of condenser coil failure is coil plugging. Condenser coils require more cleaning than other coils since they mostly see outside air. If you don’t clean this often, dirt and other substances will build up on the coil, causing a blockage. This plug prevents heat transfer and can cause anywhere from a 20-40% drop in performance.

One way to combat coil plugging is to clean your coils often! It may help to use a fin with a heavier thickness to help with high-pressure cleaning and corrosive cleaning agents.

3. Vibration

hvac-coilsCondenser coils tend to be the most common victims of vibration. The vibration from nearby moving equipment causes leaks if installed too close. You can tell a lot about the vibration by the area where the leak occurs. For instance, if the leaks are near the tube sheet and look like they are slicing through the tube, you should isolate the coils from the rest of the system to prevent further damage.

Sometimes, you can fix this by oversizing the tube sheet holes. However, many manufacturers won’t do this.

Condenser Coil Failure? We Got You!

If your condenser coils fail, our Mainstream reps are here to guide you! Our team has over 30 years of experience and has seen all types of coil failures. Let us help you with your next project!