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New Jersey-based HVAC company, Mainstream, celebrates 30 years of supplying Air Handling Unit components.

Celebrating 30 Years

Mainstream, a premier manufacturer of Air Handling Unit fans and coils, is celebrating 30 years in business. Founded three decades ago, Mainstream has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the most well-recognized HVAC manufacturers on the East Coast.

What started as a small HVAC coil distribution business is now a substantial manufacturing enterprise. The product line has expanded to include HVAC coils, EC Fan Arrays, and Air Handling Units.

Business Growing Strong

30 years in business puts Mainstream in a rare class. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics publishes Business Employment Dynamics to provide a picture of the state of the labor market. It indicates an average of 70% of businesses close their doors in 10 years or less. After 30 years, fewer than 15% survive.

Derrick Markham founded Mainstream in 1992. Although Derrick is still actively involved with sales, Mainstream is now led by Jim Markham, Derrick’s son. Jim took what was a successful business, expanded on it, and invested significantly to grow it to what it is today.

The family aspect of Mainstream continues with Jim’s sons heading up the IntelliCUBE Sales and Operations divisions. “I’m really proud of what my father and I have accomplished in the first 25 years of business, but I am even prouder of my two sons, who have been working with me over the past 5 or so years, really forging the future of the company,” said Jim Markham “The synergy we are able to see by working together to grow and solve problems as a team has been outstanding.”

High-Efficiency EC Fan Arrays

With the help of the 3rd generation, Mainstream now supplements their HVAC coils business by manufacturing super high-efficiency EC Fan Arrays. “A renewed focus on EC fan arrays was an easy decision. They are a great compliment to the replacement and retrofit equipment that we’ve always specialized in” said Jim Markham.

Mainstream remains on the cutting edge, developing ways to refine the process of designing, replacing, and installing fan arrays. IntelliCUBE EC Fan arrays from Mainstream allow for expedited retrofitting of Air Handling Units. IntelliCUBE EC fans require no maintenance, are significantly quieter than belt-driven fans, and are highly energy efficient. IntelliCUBE EC fans can replace large, aging or broken fans with an array of smaller fans that are easier to install and transport.

Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE EC fan array systems have become the prime choice for retrofitting commercial and industrial Air Handlers. There is a wide range of options, fast quotes, and quick delivery. This company is a Berkeley Heights, NJ-based HVAC manufacturer. They’re focused on making the process of quoting and installing fan arrays and other HVAC components as easy as possible.

The synergy we are able to see by working together to grow and solve problems as a team has been outstanding.

Jim MarkhamCEO