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BDP Fans

Step into a world where state-of-the-art motor technology and innovation come together to shape the future of both commercial and industrial air systems. Mainstream Fluid & Air proudly offers our range of BDP Fans, carefully engineered to meet the varied needs of today’s commercial and industrial settings. These fans are driven by either traditional AC motors or the cutting-edge PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. Our goal is clear: to improve efficiency, lower energy use, and cut down on noise, while ensuring that our BDP Fans deliver reliable and top-tier performance.

At Mainstream, we see a future where fans, the core of any air handling system, align with the changing needs of both our planet and its inhabitants. The integration of PMEC motors into our BDP Fans is a testament to this commitment. When you explore our BDP Fans line-up, you’ll see how Mainstream’s advanced motor technology, combined with a solid understanding of airflow, sets the stage for a new generation of commercial and industrial solutions. Discover the features and benefits that make our BDP Fans the go-to choice for those looking for effective, reliable, and forward-thinking solutions.


The Base Direct Drive Plenum Fan features a galvanized steel and welded construction base.

  • Up to 30,000 CFM per fan
  • Static pressure up to 14 inches w.g.
  • Motor size: 10 – 50 HP


The Base Direct Drive Plenum Lightweight Fan features a galvanized steel and bolted construction base.

  • 10,000 CFM per fan
  • Static pressure up to 10 inches w.g.
  • Max motor size: 7.5 HP

The Future of Fans is Now

In the fields of commercial and industrial air systems, the success of any setup often comes down to the component at its heart—the fan. Mainstream Fluid & Air introduces a diverse range of BDP Fans, engineered with precision to deliver top-notch performance, efficiency, and reliability. These fans serve not just commercial systems but also a broad range of industrial applications.

Our BDP Fans use the latest in motor technologies. You have the choice between traditional AC motors and our advanced PMEC (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance) motors. These PMEC motors are on track to revolutionize motor technology, not just in commercial applications, but across various industrial applications as well. When integrated with our BDP Fans, PMEC motors offer a system that’s highly efficient, impressively quiet, and built to last.


One of the standout features of PMEC motors is their ability to deliver consistent performance while keeping energy use low. This balance is critical for today’s HVAC and industrial systems, particularly in an age where energy efficiency is not just nice to have—it’s essential. Combine the energy-efficiency of PMEC motors with the streamlined design of our BDP Fans, and the result is a system that’s both kind to the environment and easy on your budget in the long run.

We at Mainstream understand that both the HVAC and industrial sectors are in the midst of rapid technological changes, many driven by advances in motor technology. Our BDP Fans, powered by PMEC motors, reflect our dedication to staying ahead of this curve. We offer products that meet the needs of today while being well-positioned for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Our AC motor-driven BDP Fans offer another reliable option, ensuring we meet a variety of needs in both HVAC and industrial settings. These fans provide a tested and trustworthy solution that complements our PMEC motor-driven lineup.

Mainstream Fluid & Air continues to set the pace by adopting the latest technological advancements. Whether powered by traditional AC motors or the groundbreaking PMEC motors, our BDP Fans stand as prime examples of what can be achieved when innovation and reliability come together in HVAC and industrial applications. With our BDP Fans, we’re not just moving air; we’re guiding both industries toward a future characterized by better efficiency, lower energy usage, and top-tier performance.

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