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Control Panel 

Mainstream is dedicated to providing a comprehensive control panel solution for our fan array systems. Our control panel is meticulously designed and packed with a range of features to ensure optimal performance and ease of use:

  1. Main Disconnect: The control panel incorporates a main disconnect switch, allowing you to conveniently power the entire system on or off as needed.
  2. Motor Circuit Protectors (MCPs): Each fan in the array is equipped with its own MCP, acting as a dedicated disconnect switch for individual fans. This design facilitates effortless maintenance and independent control of each fan within the system.
  3. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): To enable precise airflow adjustments, we provide a VFD for each fan in the array. These VFDs are preprogrammed to ensure optimal performance and user-friendly operation.
  4. Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) Switch and Speed Potentiometer: Our control panel features an HOA switch that empowers users to select between manual control (Hand), automatic control (Auto), or shutdown (Off) modes as desired. Additionally, a speed potentiometer is included, granting users the flexibility to manually adjust fan speeds when necessary.
  5. 0-10V Speed Control Signal: The control panel generates a single 0-10V speed signal that precisely regulates the speed of the entire fan array system. This signal ensures synchronized operation, resulting in efficient and consistent performance.

At Mainstream, we take pride in delivering fully assembled, thoroughly tested, and ready-to-install control panels as part of our fan array system kit. Our goal is to provide customers with a reliable and user-friendly control solution for their fan arrays, enhancing overall system performance and ease of operation.

Control Panel Enclosures are available to meet NEMA 1 or 3R standards for indoor and outdoor applications.

Premium Controls Package:

1. Touch Screen Display

Touch screen display and monitoring are available optionally on fan array system panels.

The up to 10″ screen offers easy access to system data such as fan speed, air pressure, and more without the need for BACnet integration and monitoring.

2. BACnet

BACnet control and monitoring automation integration for access, alarm and event management, scheduling, trending, files, and device management.

3. Airflow Monitoring

Air Flow Monitoring is accomplished with the preconfigured IntelliFLOW system designed to integrate with new and existing IntelliCUBE fan arrays and Mainstream air handling units.

Operating independent of fan speed, piezo sensors integrated into the fan array detect changes in pressure and adjust power to the fan array to ensure smooth, automatic pressure control.

Highly customizable with no PLC programming necessary.

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