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Like many industries worldwide, the HVAC sector in the United States is undergoing some monumental changes post-Covid.

Even though most people think of the industry as set in its ways, exciting things are happening.

These include big shifts in research and design, environmental sustainability, and next-generation technologies.

Research and Design:

To keep up with these changes, research and design teams are working overtime. They are developing the latest in HVAC systems that meet energy demands from buildings of all sizes. They must also meet stakeholder demands for cost savings, performance, and sustainability.

ECMs, or electronically commutated motors, are one such innovation. These are units integrated fully into your air conditioning power supply. That means converting, regulating, and controlling power all happens within a single motor.

It also means there are plenty of improvements over traditional AC motors. Big data is also helping the entire sector improve on what it develops and provides to consumers.

Environmental sustainability:

With a renewed focus on the environment from activists and governments around the world, the HVAC sector is under a microscope.

As a major contributor to energy waste, particularly in commercial operations, the sector knows it has to do better when it comes to environmental sustainability.

Much of the R&D in the industry has been devoted to this cause. That includes the creation of cleaner, greener systems like Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE fan arrays.

It also means a massive educational campaign to get businesses to understand how best to use HVAC systems.

Next-generation technologies:

From advanced remote sensors to automated enterprise-wide systems and programmable thermostats, next-generation technology is taking the difficulty out of HVAC systems.

Some of the coolest innovations when it comes to HVAC and tech include smart homes and offices, zoned HVAC systems, and HVAC energy analysis software.

Our colleagues in other parts of the world are also seeing interesting shifts and growth.

China, for example, continues to be the globe’s largest purchaser of air conditioning units at 40 million units sold every year.

The U.S., by contrast, sells around 15 million units a year.

Global growth of the industry, even accounting for a dip due to Covid, is expected to continue at 5.9% annually. Much of this is going to come from the public sector, like governments, hospitals, and educational institutions.

In 2019 alone, the public sector accounted for over one-third of all HVAC market share.

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