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While some people might think things in the HVAC sector are pretty standard, there is always room for innovation.

Evolving needs like rising costs, faster response times, and sustainable adaptations mean the industry needs to build better. Case in point: ECMs.

ECMs, or electronically commutated motors, are integrated fully into your air conditioning power supply. That means converting, regulating, and controlling power all happens within a single motor.

It also means there are plenty of improvements on traditional AC motors.

First, ECMs are more efficient.

In fact, these motors are about 30% more efficient, eliminating the need for traditional power conversion. This saves users money and hassle.

It also means less stress on the environment and already-stretched energy grids.

Second, they’re easy to control.

The electronics in the motor use a variable frequency drive, which is a type of motor that can automatically adjust itself depending on use.

Why would you want this type of drive? It matches whatever requirements you might need, and it also saves energy and improves efficiency.

That cuts down mechanical stress, meaning your unit will last longer. It also helps to save money by avoiding peak-demand prices.

Lastly, ECMs require little-to-no maintenance.

EC fans will never require replacement belts/shafts, or greased bearings, and never need any balancing.

If there ever is a fan failure (and that’s a big if), then replacement is as simple as changing a light bulb.

ECMs are also quieter, smaller, and simpler to use. As a result, it’s a better user experience for you, and peace of mind for your ventilation needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about EC fan retrofitted air handling units, contact us today.