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Gyms and Swimming Pools – and Germs!

Even at the best of times, gyms and swimming pools are some of the germiest places.

Amid a global pandemic, where airborne viruses have the potential to cause wide-ranging infection, the need for proper air circulation is even more important.

Not only does air circulation help prevent infection, but it also blocks the proliferation of dangerous bacteria that could cause mold. With so much moisture in the air at gyms and swimming pools, this is a major concern.

But the impact of poor air circulation in pools and gyms goes well beyond spreading germs. Bacteria can cause nasty odors that drive away current and potential customers.

Poorly functioning units also lead to higher energy bills as they have to do more work, less efficiently. All of this is bad for business.

Custom-Built AHUs

Mainstream specializes in the manufacture and custom engineering of air handling systems for various industries. Recently, our biggest clients have been in the fitness space.

Case Studies

One of these clients was the Clark Athletic Center at the State University of New York, Old Westbury campus.

As an NCAA Division III athletics program, the school plays host to many competitions and events, as well as an active cadre of student-athletes.

The center’s six-lane pool, and accompanying seating for up to 150 fans, is one of the center’s most popular facilities. When the rooftop unit serving the pool failed, all of this ground to a halt.

Custom-Built Units

Our representatives helped fix the problem by creating custom-built units that fit the unique existing roof curb of the athletic center.

Due to the limited space available, great care was taken to ensure no interference with existing equipment and structures surrounding the unit. That way, these student-athletes could get back to what they do best, safely and hygienically.

If you need a replacement or retrofit for your existing gym or swimming pool’s air handling units, contact us today.