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Did you know heating, ventilation, and air conditioning accounts for up to half of a businesses’ energy bill?

That’s likely the single largest expense when it comes to operating your physical site. Most companies are making the same mistakes that not only cost big money, but also negatively impact the environment.

As the world continues to heat up, we all need to do our part to make positive changes. But beyond just being a good thing to do, saving energy can also impact your bottom line. That’s like having your cake and eating it, too!

The crazy thing is that your business can easily reduce the amount you’re spending on HVAC with a few simple tweaks.

In doing so, you’ll also be making a huge contribution to building a more sustainable future.

Replace your old equipment.

It should go without saying that old equipment can’t perform nearly as well as it did out of the box. The first step in shoring up energy costs would be to replace these dinosaurs.

Now it may sound like this is just an added expense, but in reality, it’s an investment. Installing new, state-of-the-art equipment will help save money over the long run.

Replacing older equipment can save up to 20% on your annual energy costs. It also ensures the best possible environment to work in.

Check the condition of your current equipment.

Sure, your equipment might not be that old. But, is it functioning properly? Underperforming systems have to work harder to perform, wasting energy in the process. Clean filters, check for leakages and blocked vents, and replace parts as soon, and often, as needed. And never forget to evaluate the exhaust coming from your system. Periodic checks of your HVAC equipment will help it run in peak condition.

Capitalize on technology.

Most HVAC systems can be automated, yet many businesses are still doing things by hand. Using advanced remote sensors, automated enterprise-wide systems, and programmable thermostats takes the difficulty out of energy conservation. All that means additional revenue. In fact, PG&E notes advanced controls can help reduce energy use by 40%. It also ensures everyone is doing their part, even if they don’t know it.

A few simple changes on upkeep of your HVAC system can actually have a massive impact on both your bottom line and the environment.

The key is to start.

If you’re looking to replace or retrofit your air handler fans, contact us today.

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