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Do you have an air handler with fans that are nearing the end of their life but are just too expensive to replace right now? Most every sizable building has at least one.

Even if you don’t have fans that are on the brink of failure you know which fans are most in need of upgrading.

Every building maintenance engineer knows which of their HVAC equipment is verging on dying or needs the most attention, and similarly, every building maintenance engineer gets told to make it work and that there is no room in the budget for replacement.

Management never wants to spend unnecessarily, but they also cannot accept having to shut down a building or cancel appointments and procedures because of a failed air handler fan system. So maybe they don’t have the money in the budget now, but still, the question has to be asked, how much does downtime cost?

When Failure Strikes…

Failure always seems to rear its ugly head at the least opportune times and can be very costly for an institution. A failed air handler fan in a hospital, laboratory, or other essential operation can result in canceled operations and unsuitable lab conditions. And failed air handler fans in a university, office, or athletic facility could be similarly bad as the buildings may not be comfortable enough to conduct standard operations.

So what are you to do?

Get a Quote!

Cover yourself by getting a quote for replacement pre-catastrophe. That way, when something happens, you are prepared with a quote and ready to get the problem solved quickly. Your boss won’t accept you’re not prepared for the inevitable regardless of his being unwilling to fix the issue when you first brought it to their attention. When your requested budget becomes available, or an air handler fan fails, you’ll want to have a quote on hand.

And better yet, we will provide a quote for a fan array, with integrated N+1 redundancy. This way, if a single fan fails, your air handler will still run normally, and the problem can be fixed at a relaxed pace.

Mainstream is Ready to Help!

Call us to take a look at your least healthy air handler fan system. It may not fail today, and it may not fail tomorrow, but when it fails, and it will fail, it will create an uncomfortable situation or maybe even a stressful and dangerous emergency.

Wondering when that fan is going to die? Get a quote now. Don’t wait. Think ahead.