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Hospitals and clinics are where people expect the highest standards of hygiene.

Without these standards, it would be impossible to treat patients. Yet, even the best hospitals are just as susceptible to hygiene issues as any other facility.

The issue with this, though, is the unnecessary spread of disease.

That’s why hospitals’ HVAC systems are critical to maintaining cleanliness, climate conditions, and a germ-free environment.

Case Studies

Our work covers hospitals throughout North America. This includes Johns Hopkins University Hospital, both New York Presbyterian Hospitals, Brigham & Womens’ Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Northwell Health, and many more.

In our time working with this sector, we’ve discovered the requirements around responsiveness are quite unique. When there are lives on the line, time is of the essence.

North Shore University Hospital

For example, our work with the North Shore University Hospital in Long Island, New York, began after a third-party engineering firm found a 20,000 CFM air handling unit serving critical areas of the facility underperforming.

They recommended a replacement unit that would meet not only the current needs of the hospital, but also account for a future 25% expansion. Installing the new unit required speed, precision, and ingenuity given the limited real estate available.

Ultimately, we were able to increase the unit’s capacity by 25% using an IntelliCUBE fan array, as well as modernize the Hospital’s HVAC system.

Englewood Hospital

Englewood Hospital in New Jersey is another great example of the need for speedy installation.

After an existing unit went past its life expectancy, the hospital needed a new, easy-to-use system installed. They also needed this to be done within a short window of time to minimize disruption to their operations.

Our solution was to install a modular unit with a custom-fabricated stand to facilitate the ease of installation. We also capitalized on the existing infrastructure of the hospital to make the process even faster.

After assembling everything on site we were able to quickly install the new units, clocking in at just under 10 hours for the entire project.

Newton Medical Center

Finally, there’s Newton Medical Center.

After the center’s core HVAC units began to underperform, they needed a solution that was cost-effective and didn’t require unnecessary weeks of servicing by engineers.

Given the poorly performing units were servicing critical labs in the center, any work had to be done quickly. We worked with factory-certified contractors end-to-end to ensure a seamless installation of the new units.

To facilitate this, we also created a unit that matched the exact specifications of what the center was already using.

This, along with a few additional upgrades to their system, meant the center’s labs were able to keep performing their important work without much interruption.

If you need a replacement or retrofit EC fan array for your hospital’s existing air handling units, contact us today.