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When your air handling unit fails, it’s important to figure out a solution as soon as possible. Still, many will delay resolution until the last minute, causing more disruptions.

Why Do Facility Owners Delay Maintenance?

Usually, the reason is financial. The thought of replacing an entire AHU can be too overwhelming to consider.

Other times, those in charge of the finances don’t fully understand what an AHU failure means. Many don’t realize waiting until the last minute can severely impact the business.

Replacing vs. Retrofitting Your AHU

Fully functioning air handling and HVAC are not just about comfort. Many businesses cannot function without a properly-functioning air handling system. This could be life or death for some businesses like hospitals and labs!

The longer you delay AHU maintenance, the more limited the replacement AHU supply. Recent supply chain disruptions and high demand have created unfathomable lead times.

In addition, installation can also be a MAJOR project. Replacing an AHU takes longer to do as a complete project than retrofitting an AHU.

This is why retrofitting is a great alternative solution to AHU replacement. Retrofitting is perfect for EC fan arrays that are failing, aging, or have already failed.

Retrofitting for a New Jersey Shopping Mall

One of the fans serving a New Jersey mall failed, resulting in an acceptable low airflow for their mall.

As a result, the mall hired Longo electric. Their team proposed a Mainstream fan array as the most logical and fastest resolution.

Mainstream designed and supplied a thirty fan array, providing this shopping mall with significant energy savings and certainly reduced risk of fan failure in the future.

Thinking of retrofitting your AHU system? Don’t wait until the last minute!

Chat with our experts at Mainstream to find the best solution for your application.