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HVAC systems are a significant investment that impacts the comfort and productivity of your facility. With constantly evolving technology, these units are continually undergoing new improvements. Even if you maintain your unit as best as possible, it can’t last forever!

Unfortunately, HVAC issues require much more than adjustments and recalibrations. Factors like poor performance, low air quality, rising costs, and worn parts are all reasons to consider an HVAC retrofit.

Replacing the entire system is a vast undertaking requiring time and money. Retrofitting is a more cost-effective option and pays off in the long run.

Here are some reasons why you should retrofit your HVAC system.

1. Longevity

A retrofitted HVAC system is more efficient and reliable than the original system it replaced. Strategic retrofits will positively impact the HVAC lifespan.

It is crucial to have proper maintenance to maintain the lifespan of your system – even if it’s minimal work.

Innovations have made it possible to retrofit multiple times. Now, you can upgrade specific parts when needed to enhance the system’s performance. As a result, you can adapt to business demands and get the most out of your money while ensuring longevity in your equipment.

2. Cost-Effective

While installing a large HVAC system is costly, the return on investment makes it worth it. We’ve seen systems paid off in less than two years in some cases.

Many factors help with the cost. For one, having efficient equipment helps cut down on rising energy bills. Newer systems require less power.

Additionally, our IntelliCUBE systems need little to no maintenance. This allows you to save on maintenance and installation costs.

3. Better Efficiency

Efficient equipment gets you more bang for your buck AND is also more environmentally friendly.

New HVAC technology provides optimal performance at less power than the previous system. Our IntelliCUBE systems also include N+1 redundancy, which means that the fan array will still operate even if a single fan fails.

Retrofitting for Newton Medical Center

A catastrophic failure of one of the fans serving the operating room at Newton Medical Center left them scrambling for a fast solution.

They turned to Mainstream to design and supply a fan array that would eliminate the risk of this sort of failure in the future. A 12-fan array was proposed, delivered, and installed.

The facility also saw the benefits of significantly reducing maintenance and downtime. 

Time to Retrofit Your HVAC System!

An HVAC retrofit will depend on the needs and application of the space. Every situation will need a unique application. In any case, you can expect that your facility will see impressive results from the upgrade.

Mainstream is a leading manufacturer of HVAC systems and fan sections. Reach out to our experts today if you are considering a retrofit for your commercial space.