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Bristol Myers Squibb

Manati, Puerto Rico

Bristol Myers Squibb needed superior quality AHUs to replace seven existing units approaching the end of their life cycles. Another need was the prevention of condensation on the interior wall of the casing because of the humid island environment. Specs required all-stainless steel construction and coils with corrosion-resistant Electrofin coatings.

Mainstream supplied MLRa series custom air handling units with 3”-thick casings, designed with a true, no-through-metal thermal break. This thermal isolation feature eliminates condensate formation on the unit casing.

Other features included were diamond-tread floor plate, test ports, photohelic filter gauges, stainless steel support racks for all stacked coils, totally-enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motors, plenum-type fans with extended-life bearings mounted on seismic-restrained spring isolation bases and vapor-tight fluorescent service lighting with 6-hour timer switches.

All electrical equipment was furnished and installed at the Mainstream factory prior to shipment.