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Although the origins of Covid-2019 extend back to the end of 2019, and people have become increasingly accustomed to living in a world with such a virus, the world’s industries have not been able to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels fully. This can be seen in everything from restaurants not being able to hire waitstaff and kitchen workers, to supply chains of nearly every industry being disrupted in some way.

Shortages in the HVAC Industry

The HVAC industry has been particularly impacted by significantly increased lead times for high-efficiency EC motors and fans. As a result, suppliers of EC technology equipment are commonly quoting delivery times of 70 weeks or more, which for most end users is not acceptable. There are a multitude of reasons for such lengthy lead times, but one major reason is that EC motors rely on rare earth metals, something that is in very high demand right now, especially with the increased popularity of electric vehicles and other green technologies.

The Solution? PMEC Motors

So what’s the solution? One option is to just wait the 70-plus weeks for EC fans, but for the vast majority of applications that is not a realistic option. Another more reasonable option is to utilize alternative, more available technologies to accomplish the same goal; building energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Mainstream utilizes one such technology that provides comparable or better specifications compared to EC motors, and that is PMEC motors. PMEC motors combine synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet technologies and are ideal for building highly energy-efficient fan array systems. Offering IE5 efficiency, and ideal for air handler applications, PMEC motor-driven fan arrays are the perfect solution to those looking for the benefits of EC motor fan technology, but unwilling to wait over a year to have a fan system developed. Perhaps best of all, PMEC-driven fans are also less costly than most EC fan systems.

Have an EC fan array that you can’t get EC fans for?

Whether you are looking for ZIEHL-ABEGG ECblue, Rosenberg EC-Motor, ebm-pabst EC fans, consider switching to PMEC fans. Mainstream can have your fan array system delivered in 10 weeks!

Contact us to tell us more about your application and to learn more about our offering.