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A new generation of technology offers building owners and facility managers a road to savings and energy efficiency. With new motors available, new installation methods, and more research, fan arrays are becoming the future of ventilation.

Traditional HVAC Systems

Commonly, older HVAC systems use belt-drive setups with a large motor and big fan. These systems are still available and are generally cheaper than fan arrays upfront, but their reduced comparative operating efficiency quickly makes them a more expensive choice in the long term. Energy consumption and increased maintenance are just the start of why operating costs can differ so greatly. Large fan designs often require an air diffuser plate to help distribute airflow more evenly over the coil, which increases coil efficiency but at the expense of static pressure and fan efficiency. Although large fans and air diffusers were a popular choice in the past, increasingly customers are choosing fan arrays as their technology improvements offer so many additional benefits.

Benefits of Fan Array Systems

Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE fan systems are the top choice for retrofitting commercial and industrial air handlers. The benefits are significant and plentiful, some of which include

  • Our fan array systems offer a major benefit over traditional belt-driven systems by substantially reducing vibration which leads to quieter operation and reduced energy consumption.
  • IntelliCUBE fan arrays provide for even distribution of airflow without the need for an air diffuser plate.
  • With N+1 redundancy, the system can continue running at normal efficiency even if a fan fails.
  • These fan systems are also extremely easy to install – from large facilities to tight spaces. The stackable design allows for easy installation even where access is limited.

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Fan Array System!

If your facility’s AHU is still operated an outdated fan, it’s time to consider upgrading to a fan array system. With benefits like quiet operation, energy savings, and ease of installation, these systems are an obvious choice for a retrofit or replacement.

Learn more about fan array systems from our other blogs, or contact an expert for a personalized walkthrough of our products!