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Fan System Options

Unique applications require custom solutions.

Mainstream offers several custom options for your fan systems. Features like N+1 redundancy and acoustic insulation are what sets us apart. Learn more about the different types of options for your fan systems.

Depending on the specific requirements and challenges of your project, any or all of the below options might be a good solution.

N+1 Redundancy

There are many applications of commercial and industrial air handling where failure is not an option. We have witnessed cases of big centrifugal or vane axial fans failing and the result dominos through the organizations very quickly. A failed fan often means an operating room can’t function, a lab can’t produce pharmaceutical drugs, or a data center can’t keep its servers cool.

To protect against system failure, it makes sense to install an additional fan, but cost and space are too often prohibitive and this action is too often not taken with large AC motor driven fans.

Arrays of smaller fans like the ones Mainstream offers provide the perfect solution to those looking for N+1 redundancy. Because the fans are operating in an array, in the event that a fan fails, the remaining fans can continue moving air without the help of the failed fan. In fact, when equipped with backdraft dampers, automatic airflow monitoring, and an additional fan for N+1 redundancy, end users won’t experience any change in airflow, and maintenance engineers can take their time replacing the failed fan.

Backdraft Dampers

The most commonly requested fan array option is backdraft dampers. Backdraft dampers ensure air does not flow back through the system in the event that it fails or if the system is intentionally turned off.

Mainstream utilizes vertically oriented dampers that use recirculating air to close and have virtually no acoustic impact or adverse effects on fan performance. Utilizing strong, lightweight construction, our dampers are capable of static pressures up to 12″ and offer AMCA class II or better leakage ratings. 

Blank Off Plates

A blank-off plate is used to seal off a failed fan to avoid backdraft.

Blank off plates are available for customers who opt for fan systems without backdraft dampers.

Should a fan fail, blank off plates can be manually installed.

Pre-wired Whips

IntelliCUBE fan arrays can be installed without or with minimal assistance from an electrician when our optional pre-wired whips are included.

Minimizing installation labor and expense is important, and that is why we offer pre-wire whips as an option.

Acoustic Insulation

EC fans arrays offer a major benefit over traditional belt-driven fan systems in that EC fan arrays are significantly quieter and offer a substantial reduction in vibration. These benefits are able to be achieved through the elimination of belts with a direct drive plenum design, and precision balancing. The lack of belt squeal and vibration results in fan systems that are 20% quieter than comparable traditional fan systems. These benefits translate to real performance too, as the lack of need for sound attenuators translates to more static pressure.

Although the sound and vibration reduction offered by EC fans arrays is substantial, for clients seeking the absolute quietest systems available, Mainstream offers acoustically insulated fan arrays. Utilizing highly effective acoustical insulation, we are able to even further reduce fan array emitted sound.

Control Panel

Mainstream’s fan array systems ship as a kit that includes a state-of-the-art control panel. The control panel is as reliable and easy to install as our fan arrays.

Featuring 0-10v compatibility and optional BACnet integration and airflow monitoring, you can be sure your fans will be running smoothly.

Control Panel Enclosures are available to meet NEMA 1 or 3R standards for indoor and outdoor applications.

Motor Technologies


Mainstream is proud to offer our clients a comprehensive range of efficient, next-generation integrated motor-drive and synchronous reluctance permanent magnet EC fan systems.

From the long-established technology of AC motors and the high efficiency of EC motors, to the readily available PMEC motors, we also provide the added safety of explosion-proof motors for specialized requirements. Trust Mainstream to deliver the perfect motor solution for any application.



Mainstream plenum fans come with either aluminum or composite backward inclined impellers, meticulously chosen to enhance the efficiency of your particular application. For those requiring heavy-duty and industrial operations, we also offer fans with robust stainless wheels to ensure durability and performance.

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