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We understand the urgency and cost concerns that come with replacing a failed or failing fan system in commercial and industrial HVAC applications. That’s why we’ve designed our state-of-the-art AC motor powered IntelliCUBE fans, to be not just high-efficiency and easy to install, but also compatible with your existing control systems and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).

Retrofitting Made Easy

When faced with a failed fan, the natural inclination is to seek a quick and cost-effective solution. Recognizing this need, Mainstream’s team specializes in retrofitting existing air handling systems. Our IntelliCUBE fans stand out in the market for their ability to integrate with the control systems and VFDs you already have in place. This means less downtime, reduced installation complexity, and significant cost savings.

Benefits of Reusing Existing Controls and VFDs

  • Cost Efficiency: Reusing your existing VFDs and control panels with Mainstream fans can lead to substantial cost savings. There’s no need to invest in new control systems unless absolutely necessary.
  • Time-Saving Installation: The compatibility of IntelliCUBE fans with existing systems translates to quicker installation times. This minimizes operational disruptions and gets your HVAC system back up and running faster.
  • Simplified Integration: Our fans are designed for hassle-free integration with existing control setups. This eliminates the need for complex rewiring or extensive system modifications.

Customized Solutions for Every Need

At Mainstream Fluid & Air, we recognize that every facility has unique needs. That’s why our team is always ready to provide customized solutions and expert advice to ensure that your transition to our IntelliCUBE fans is smooth and efficient.

If you have a functioning control system and are facing a fan failure, Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE fans offer an ideal solution. They are not just a replacement, they are an upgrade that promises efficiency, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.