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Commercial Real Estate Client Receives New Fan Array

Boston, MA

For over 75 years, EMCOR Services Northeast has offered single-source facilities services solutions, including HVAC, mechanical and electrical engineering, design, installation, repair, and maintenance for financial, healthcare, technology, education, and other clients. For this job, EMCOR Services Northeast and Mainstream Fluid & Air teamed up to accomplish the client’s goals. With Mainstream delivering the equipment, and EMCOR providing installation services, the client’s goals were easily accomplished. 


A commercial real estate client in Boston’s central business district faced challenges with an outdated penthouse air handler system in desperate need of replacement. Designed in the 1960s, the system featured large centrifugal fans as part of a custom site-built air handler. Limited access made changes and upgrades far from straightforward.

The supply fan has a capacity of 52,000 cubic feet per minute and a 40 horsepower motor, while the return fan has a capacity of 50,000 CFM and a 25 HP motor.

A primary issue encountered during the renovation was the challenge of upgrading the existing power wiring.

The Solution:

The solution to the commercial real estate client’s outdated penthouse air handler system was to supply two new 6-fan arrays with PMEC motors.

This approach achieved several desired objectives:

  • Full N+1 redundancy for both fans was maintained while keeping the existing power feed size. This ensured that the system would have a backup fan in case of any failures, without the need to modify the power infrastructure.
  • The new fan arrays with PMEC motors provided energy savings during normal usage. This not only increased the system’s efficiency but also contributed to a more sustainable approach to managing the building’s ventilation.
  • The fan retrofit components could be transported up the existing freight elevator, eliminating the need for cranes or removal of walls. This made the installation process significantly smoother and more cost-effective.
  • The new fan array allowed for proof of airflow and monitoring of fans over BACnet. This feature facilitated improved control and management of the system, ensuring that it operates at optimal performance.

By implementing the new 6-fan arrays with PMEC motors, the commercial real estate client received a modern, efficient, and easily maintainable ventilation solution for their penthouse air handler system.

Array Type

Supply Fan:

Six Fans in a 3 high x 4 wide arrangement. 60HP Total. 52,000 CFM. 4.5″ Static Pressure.

Return Fan: Six 7.5HP Fans in a 3 high x 4 wide arrangement. 45HP Total. 50,000 CFM. 2.75″ Static Pressure.

Model: CDP Plenum Fan

Motor: PMEC Motors


Mainstream provided this facility with:

Expedited Delivery

N+1 Redundancy

Efficient Equipment

“We were faced with extremely challenging equipment access, as our client’s main HVAC system utilized a single 50 year old supply fan that the building was literally built around. Mainstream worked with us through several design iterations, resulting in a solution that we were able to install over a single weekend. The new fan array work flawlessly, and the redundant fans have provided our client much needed peace of mind.”

Dave BolducPresident, EMCOR Services Northeast