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1. Are the coils AHRI certified?

AHRI certification assures buyers that manufacturers are producing quality products. Having this certification helps manufacturers sell more products and stand out among competitors. If you are about to purchase coils from someone who isn’t AHRI certified – that’s a red flag!

2. What is your standard lead time?

Some projects are more time-sensitive than others. Having an idea of the lead time will help you make decisions about your order. In emergencies, Mainstream can deliver replacement coils as fast as 24 hours of order placement.

3. How long does it take to get a quote back?

Emergency or not, you deserve a fast response for quote information. If it takes you forever to receive a quote, you may not be ordering from the best company. After you submit a quote request to Mainstream, you will be contacted to discuss the details of your request. Mainstream will return a quote within one business day!

4. Does this supplier offer many different options?

It’s nice to have a lot of options when it comes to coils. It’s a good sign if a company has multiple tube diameters, materials, and coatings. You’ll rest assured knowing they can meet all kinds of specifications.

5. Is this supplier able to cross-reference model numbers?

Measuring a coil is an extra step that takes time that may not always be available. It’s way more convenient if your manufacturer can duplicate your coil using model information. At Mainstream, we can look up any model number to ensure the replacement coil we provide is an exact match.

Be Aware!

We hope these questions open your eyes to what to look for in coil suppliers. Don’t get taken advantage of! If you’re looking for a reliable coil supplier, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mainstream today!