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St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nuclear Medicine Department

Nashua, NH


The fan wheel spontaneously went out of balance overnight, causing the entire fan assembly to self-destruct with no warning. A fan replacement was needed ASAP to serve this important medical facility.

Equipment Being Replaced:

15 HP DWDI blower mounted in 1995 McQuay AHU


A replacement fan was quoted in less than a day, delivered 2 days later, and removing the old fan and installing the IntelliCUBE fan was done in less than 2 days.

The IntelliCUBE plenum fan bolted in with minimal changes to panning. Mainstream keeps IntelliCUBE fans in stock for situations just like this so we are able to help remedy emergency situations.

Mainstream provided this hospital with:

Fast Solutions

Efficient Equipment

Energy Savings

“The next best supplier was offering a 3 to 4 week lead time, which wasn't acceptable. Getting this array delivered quickly was hugely valuable.”

Hospital Facilities ManagerSaint Joseph's Hospital