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At Mainstream, we talk quite a bit about our IntelliCUBE fan array system. Sure, we’re proud of its industry-leading technology and how that’s a point of differentiation for our business. But there is so much more to it than that.

First, what is the IntelliCUBE Fan Array?

This is our proprietary technology that enables faster, more cost-effective, risk-reduced installation to upgrade fans that may be nearing the end of their life cycles or are simply underperforming.

It relies on electronically commutated motors, or ECMs. We talked about why electronically commutated motors are better for your ventilation needs in a previous post.

Mainstream has been using these types of fans for over a decade. We first included them in our custom air handling units, and now recently focusing on retrofit.

Our proprietary IntelliCUBE system capitalizes on this technology in many ways.

Easy Installation:

In addition, IntelliCUBE fan arrays are also easy to install. As the name suggests, IntelliCUBE systems are pre-mounted in cubes. They ship easy as an entire kit, with plug-and-play capabilities for simple installation.

Fans are also pre-wired, eliminating concerns around wiring mistakes. We design these fully customizable cubes to stack and bolt together easily. They’re light, too, so you can move them with ease and fit them into and through any space.

You can watch a video of an IntelliCUBE Frame Installation here!

Ease of Use:

Moreover, along with being easy to install, IntelliCUBEs are easy to use. IntelliCUBE fan arrays typically include a user-friendly touchscreen controller. Therefore, you can control it manually from the unit or wired into your building management system.

The units are also compatible across different communication protocols, including building automation and control networks.


Likewise, IntelliCUBE fans are also extremely efficient. They even meet the globe’s highest requirements.

That includes NEMA Ultra-Premium Efficiency equivalence. This is a label certifying efficiency, reduced power consumption, and improved reliability.

German engineering has also created a unit that is quiet by design. This is great for sound-sensitive environments and can certainly adjust to meet requirements.

These units all have variable speed capabilities, meaning you can turn them up or down, depending on the need.

In summary, it’s easy to see why we like to talk about our IntelliCUBE system. From ease of installation and use to efficiency and reduced energy waste. Above all, these ultra-modern, next-generation units are the future of ventilation.

If you’re interested in learning more about IntelliCUBE, contact us today.