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University Hospital

Newark, NJ

University Hospital is an independent medical center with more than 500 licensed beds and over 3,000 employees. Located on a sixty-three-acre campus in Newark, NJ, University Hospital is a regional resource for advanced care in many medical specialties.

Despite the wonderful medical resources that this hospital offers, the staff was experiencing some issues with their existing equipment.

The Problem

The hospital was using a large belt-driven double-width double inlet fan. Moreover, this fan required repairs six times in four months and was nearing failure.

The Solution

To combat this fan failure, Mainstream manufactured a highly energy-efficient and maintenance-free IntelliCUBE fan array system to be delivered on time. Mainstream’s speedy delivery met the required expedited lead time, which is especially important when it comes to hospitals.

University Hospital hired Binsky Mechanical to replace the fan and retaining wall.

IntelliCUBE was a perfect match for University Hospital because maintaining their old fan was becoming less feasible. Additionally, it was a great fit because the hospital invested in programs to increase airflow due to Covid-19 and reduce energy consumption.

The IntelliCUBE system meets all of their needs and was easily installed.


Expedited Delivery, Redundancy, Maintenance-Free

Since the IntelliCUBE system is a fan array with built-in redundancy, a critical situation can be prevented even if a single fan fails. This is an essential feature for a hospital.

In summary, Mainstream’s expedited delivery, redundancy, and maintenance-free system were the perfect solution for University Hospital.

Mainstream provided this hospital with:

Expedited Delivery

Maintenance Free Solution

Energy Efficient Equipment

“Our IntelliCUBE fan array has been running perfectly for months. Installation was quick and easy, and noise and vibration are significantly reduced compared to our other equipment. The fans are maintenance-free, which is a significant consideration in our plan to upgrade other air handlers with this system.”

Rabi HaqFacilities Manager, University Hospital, Newark, NJ