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Mainstream, a leader in the market for engineered fluid and air equipment, today announced their partnership with Con Edison, one of the world’s largest utility providers serving 10 million people throughout the New York City area.

Looking To The Future

As a participating contractor, Mainstream is now in a position to help customers take advantage of the rebates available through Con Edison’s Commercial and Industrial Program, on upgraded HVAC equipment. Like Mainstream, Con Edison is a forward-thinking company, looking toward the future and exploring ways to innovate and take advantage of developing technology with the goal of providing cleaner, more efficient energy choices. To reduce customers’ overall energy use, Con Edison is offering rebates and incentives that will total $1.5 billion by 2025.


The Commercial & Industrial Program offers various types of rebates, from fixed incentive rate rebates for installing energy-efficient HVAC equipment to custom rebate options for kWh or therms saved for Demand Controlled Ventilation projects.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

The concept of going green is decades old, but many buildings have not gotten on the bandwagon. This is despite the irrefutable evidence demonstrating that replacing and upgrading aging HVAC equipment with more efficient components, like Mainstream’s IntelliCUBE fan array system, pays for itself quickly and reduces energy costs in the long term. Even with the long-term savings being so clear, the upfront cost is often too high for many businesses to make the switch. This partnership aims to change that.

“We built our reputation manufacturing energy saving AHU components that save our clients money. Still, the upfront cost to purchase and install new equipment can be an issue for some clients, even those in desperate need of new air handling equipment” said Jim Markham, CEO at Mainstream. “Our partnership with Con Edison will provide our customers with a unique opportunity to help offset upfront costs. The time to upgrade your commercial and industrial HVAC systems is now!”

Cutting Edge of HVAC

Mainstream has been working with HVAC fan systems for over two decades and continues to remain on the cutting edge, developing ways to refine the process of designing, replacing, and installing fan arrays. With the help of the Con Edison Partnership Program, IntelliCUBE fan arrays from Mainstream will find their way into even more of New York City’s air handling units.  

I’m really excited about our partnership with Con Edison. Our customers are going to really appreciate both the upfront and long-term cost-savings this provides!

Jim MarkhamCEO